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About Our Camp

Camp Can-Aqua is a remarkable, camper driven summer camp! Campers arrive to a welcoming accepting environment. Once here, they quickly realize that the world of camp is a place they can comfortably express themselves, develop friendships and gain skills at a wide range of thrilling activities. At Can-Aqua we are not only proud of what we have, but also what we do and how we interact. Exceptional instruction opportunities, partnered with a remarkable community feel make Camp Can-Aqua a very unique and special place.

Spaces are still available in our 1 & 2 week camp programs. Spend some time getting to know us on line, then give us a call to learn why we are one of Ontario’s Premier Summer Camps.

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We are located just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and are a proud member on the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) and the Canadian Camping Association (CCA). Membership in these organizations ensure a high level or professionalism and expertise in all things camp!

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A Letter From Andrew Martin, Camp Director


Dear Parents, Campers & Friends!

I am thrilled to welcome you to Camp Can-Aqua and am grateful that you’ve made it to our website to see what we’re all about. Can-Aqua one is one of Ontario’s premier traditional summer camps and is known for exceptional programming, individualized instruction, and our commitment to each camper. Through navigating our website, I am confident you will be impressed by what we have to offer. Our photo galleries, interactive map, detailed program descriptions and clearly laid-out information will provide you with a great basis for discovering who we are and what we strive to accomplish.

Camp Can-Aqua takes pride in being a community camp. When I say that, I mean it first and foremost: our philosophy is about spending time with each other, interacting, cooperating, compromising and creating. I believe that a successful camp starts in the way its people treat each other. At Can-Aqua we talk about our issues, we celebrate our successes and we support each other’s needs. With a camper community of up to 160 children, friendships are made across all ages and interactions of acceptance and encouragement are modeled everyday. After spending time at Can-Aqua, it is a guarantee that your child will leave this camp with more confidence, more independence and more maturity. Through our committed and exceptional staff, your child will feel welcome and will be challenged to develop new skills and take positive risks. It is our chief desire to bring out all things good in every camper.

Take your time, navigate our website, explore and discover what Can-Aqua is all about. Sending your child to camp is a remarkably important decision. If I can support you in anyway throughout this process, please do not hesitate to contact me through by email or phone. I love what camping does for kids and would welcome any opportunity to talk about the Can-Aqua experience.

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Andrew Martin, Director

Daily Activities

For over 30 years, Can-Aqua has been successfully using our program board to ensure campers are given control of their schedule on a day to day basis. Each evening at dinner, kids rotate by cabins as they head out to choose their next day’s adventure. We love this system, because not only does it give kids a sense of ownership on their time and control of their day, but it also teaches the importance of compromise and encourages kids to participate in what they know but also to try new things.

A typical day is comprised of four activity periods, a single period of free time and an evening program. Once signed up, attendance lists are created for the following day and campers are expected to be at their activities ready and on time. At Can-Aqua we tell kids that while you don’t have to do anything…you must do something!


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When you have your own private lake, you’d be crazy not to have tons of programs on the water! On any given day, our lake is filled with boats, swimmers and excitement. Our exceptional instruction is partnered with some terrific and creative options so kids can choose between improving a skill or splashing around.

Our water programs include the following options:

  • Instructional Swim
  • Wake Boarding, Water Skiing & Wake Skate
  • Kneeboard
  • Canoe
  • Kayak
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkel
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Camp Map

Situated on 160 acres of stunning Ontario landscape (and on our very own private lake), Camp Can-Aqua is a slice of paradise! Our exceptional instruction teaches kids skills they will take with them throughout their lives. Our leisure programs ensure summer campers have the perfect mix of skill development and crazy fun. A camper community of up to 160 kids, no child goes unnoticed at Camp Can-Aqua!