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“The greatest friends of my life were made at summer camp right here at Camp Can-Aqua”. -Patrick (alumni)

At Camp Can-Aqua we have a wide variety of camp programs designed to match the needs of all kids!  Have a look at the descriptions below and find exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to connect with us if you have any questions.

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Traditional Summer Camp

Divided into cabins by age and section, our traditional camp programs (2 & 4-weeks) are the signature programs here at Can-Aqua. Each night, campers visit our famous program board to select their activities for the following day. At Can-Aqua we place special emphasis on individualized teaching, which allows each camper to move through programs at their own pace. Our awards system is intricate and ensures that growth and development is recognized and interlaced within a layer of crazy fun. Giving kids control of their days, kids are often told “you don’t have to do anything, but you must choose something”. Handing over the reins on their daily schedule results in kids who are eager, ready and on time for their programs. 

In addition to activity selections, campers take part programs divided by cabin, section, team, gender and the full camp on a daily basis. As the session progresses, campers will have the opportunity to take part in an overnight camping trip with their cabin mates. Towards the end of each session, our Can-Aqua Games is a highlight to their experience. Our multi day Colour Games take place every two weeks.

Tripping is an important part of the traditional camp programs at Can-Aqua and is also optional (but encouraged). Campers registered for 4 weeks have the opportunity to take part in a 3-night camping trip in Anstruther Park. All overnight trips are a terrific opportunity for kids to experience the great outdoors.

Campers registered for 4-weeks not only benefit from additional instruction and program time but are also eligible for advanced swim instruction (Bronze Med & Bronze Cross) and enjoy taking part in the popular mid month “changeover program”, run by the camp directors.


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Half Sessions & 1-Week Programs

Half session take place throughout the summer and are divided between the existing sessions as A or B weeks. Open for kids 5-10, this program is meant to support first timers or younger campers who find two weeks still a bit much. During these weeks, this group of kids will reside in cabins with other single week kids, take part in all sorts of programming at camp and enjoy an overnight camping trip on the far side of our lake.

In August each summer, Can-Aqua runs single weeks sessions for kids of all ages (5-15). Focussing on a single week experience for all kids, during these 7 day adventures, our staff team will introduce young campers to activities on water and land through scheduled rotations each morning. In the afternoons, campers will have the opportunity to “choose their own adventures” as the go to the program board and select from dozens of options available.

Campers who thrive in this program are those with already busy summers who would prefer not to be away from home too long in the summertime.

For younger campers and parents, still a bit nervous to send their kids away, this one week opportunity is an excellent way to wade into the adventure.

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Leadership Camp

Our Leadership programs focus on the development of key social and cooperative skills in young people.  Beginning at fifteen years of age, the 4 week programs encourage candidates to take on responsibilities or role modeling as they are challenged to support the campers that look up to them.

Leaders in our community, candidates will work towards achieving certified levels in First Air, CPR and NLS. Both leadership programs involve an extended outtrip as well and provide your  young leaders with ample opportunities to continue to learn and grow, while taking on more responsibilities to ensure our camp community remains exceptional.

Check out the Leader In Training (LIT) Program

The LIT is a one-month program for candidates who are 15 years of age as of January 1st. A second round of acceptance will take place for candidates who are 15 by June 30th (based on availability). Throughout the month, participants will be encouraged to begin thinking as a leader, while still enjoying the freedom of program selection each day. Participants work towards earning their Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross during the program.

The dedicated LIT staff team will guide these candidates throughout their month experience as they learn and grow, while still engaging in personal recreational pursuits. The Can-Aqua LIT program has two distinct program focuses:

  • Canoe Trip A 6 day trip gives participants the opportunity to learn more about the preparation, organization and leadership of a canoe trip. The canoe trip takes place nearby in the AnneStuther Tripping Loop. An LIT Director supervises each trip group with the support of an alumni support staff.
  • Leadership Skill Development The Can-Aqua LIT program offers a unique approach to skill development. Half of each day is devoted to program requirements, which involve swimming, leadership and trip skills preparation. From there, LIT’s take to the Can-Aqua Programming Board each day to select the other programs which they wish to participate in. Not only do LIT’s have full access to all elective program choices but they will also benefit from team programs throughout the month.

Check out the Junior Counsellor (JRC) Program

The Can-Aqua JRC represents a big step in a transition from a camper to a counsellor. This program is one month in duration and is available during July or August Camp each year. JRC’s reside in their own cabins and are assigned to specific camper cabins based on age preferences and availability. Candidates will divide their day between personal development and as a support to their assigned cabin where they will eat meals, socialize at rest hour and support during unstructured times at camp.

The focus of the JRC program is to develop and enhance the soft skills of exceptional leadership. In addition, candidates will train to complete their Standard First Aid, Level “C” CPR and their National Lifeguarding Level (NLS).

Throughout their month at camp, JRC’s must balance skill development, with program implementation, advanced trip skills and cabin based leadership. In addition to their own skill development, they will also represent Can-Aqua as Leadership Ambassadors, as they tour partner Ontario Summer Camps.

Throughout the month, the JRC group will participate in Kindred Sessions on the following:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Working within a team
  • Ages and Stages
  • Role Modeling
  • Risk Management
  • Developing a community with campers
  • Sensitive Issues o Leadership Style/Sigma Leadership
  • Health and Safety When Leading a Team
  • Active Listening & Communication Skills
  • Acceptability and Integration

Can-Aqua JRC Trip

This six day trip challenges each participant providing them with an opportunity to organize and implement one day of their journey. The JRC outtrip location changes each year. A JRC Director supervises each trip group with the support of an alumni staff member.

A highlight of the program is the opportunity to plan and implement full camp programs from section based to camp wide games, including the renowned “Can-Aqua Games” at the end of the month.

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Family Camp

Family Camp is a terrific opportunity for parents and kids to experience our summer programs together. Ideal for kids and adults of all ages, Camp Can-Aqua’s family camp weekends provide you with an opportunity to play as a family, or divide into the age specific programming options that offered throughout the day.

Our divided programming focus offers activities for toddlers, kids, teens and yes… adults!!! Throughout the weekend, our staff will engage and inspire you with program opportunities that are age appropriate, safe and fun. For parents wanting to spend some quality family time use the weekend as your resort time and take advantage of the many sign out options that allows you choose between structured programming or doing your own thing.

This is a not to miss opportunity that takes place three times each year and is a terrific chance to introduce your little campers to Can-Aqua. Click the Family Camp 2019 Registration Form to register.

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Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps at Can-Aqua are targeted towards kids who are looking for a traditional camp experience, while seeking to excel in specific unique areas. .

Our 3 Specialty Camps in 2019 are:

#1. Wake/Water SkiJune 30-July 7 / July 28-Aug 4 / Aug 25-30         
Can-Aqua takes an exceptional focus on instruction and blends a skill based program focus into the traditional camp environment. Our ski/wakeboard program provides kids with daily instruction in their chosen water sport. Can-Aqua is proud to instruct technique based waterskiing and beginner/intermediate Wake Boarding.

#2. NOFA ~ Film Camp at Can-Aqua – July 28-Aug 4 / Aug 25-Aug 30
Our Film Camps expose future filmmakers to the magic of movie making through specialized sessions in acting, production, direction, film editing, lighting and photography.  

#3. Equestrian CampAug 25-30
In partnership with D&A Riding Stable just south of the camp, we are excited to offer this single week program where kids are able to spend their morning at the stables riding, grooming and tending to the horses, followed by an afternoon of program back at camp. Instruction is geared towards new riders and beginner/intermediate experienced riders. 

In addition to these 3 specialized weeks we also welcome kids to take part in our 6-Day Canoe Trip. A great option for tripping enthusiasts,  candidates will take turns navigating their group throughout the wilds of Algonquin Park.

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Day Camp

Are you looking for an experience that will provide excitement, stimulation and FUN for your child? Are they not ready for sleepover camp yet? The Can-Aqua Day Camp is a terrific transitional program for our younger campers, offering a memorable outdoor experiences for children ages 5-11.

The Day Camp experience allows children to benefit from much of what Can-Aqua has to offer, without sleeping over. Our Day Camp program fosters friendship, and awakens children to the exciting world around them. Campers will benefit from the wonders of the great outdoors, in a safe and nurturing environment. Most of all, they will have FUN while participating in a variety of age-appropriate activities, which include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Ball Hockey
  • Woodworking
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Cooperative Games

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