Catriona Loftus

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

I’m so excited to return to camp this summer. More dancing, more adventure and more running around! It’s the most exciting time of the year for me and there’s nothing better than returning to the greatest place in the world!

Sara Hiles

4th Year At Can-Aqua

I’m baaaaaack! There’s something so magical about Can-Aqua. I have never experienced another place on earth that is so welcoming and accepting. Maybe it’s the countless smiles on the faces of those that pass, or laughter in the air… Maybe it’s that feeling you get when you learn a new skill, or make a new friend. I’m thinking it could be the support of the staff, who are always there encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. Whatever it is, it has me start the Camp Countdown the minute I leave! I can’t wait to be back out on a paddle board (trying to avoid the ski boat waves) but I have to say gletch and mosaics has my heart! Can’t beat relaxing on the porch designing up a storm. I love being a part of the Can-Aqua family and can’t wait to watch it grow.

Daniel Corrigan

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

The first year was one sweet ride. Coming from Scotland, I had no clue what camp would really be like. Little did I know it would become the cornerstone of my summer life for years to come. I stepped foot in one of the most amazing communities I’ve ever experienced and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Sam Elkas-Vance

8th Year At Can-Aqua

I’m absolutely stoked to be spending another year at Can-Aqua. You’ll most likely find me in the waterfront swimming or kayaking around Beaver Lake. My favourite thing about camp is the multitude of life lessons you learn just by having fun! I can’t wait to meet all of you and see your bright and shining faces this summer!

Joey Shan

7 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp has been one the highlights of the year for me since my very first summer here, and I’m so pumped to be on the staff team this year! My favourite activities include nature, campcraft, and kayak, but I’m always down to try new things. See you this summer!

Lana Adams

4 Years At Can-Aqua

Here we go again! Returning from Australia for my second year on staff, I can’t wait to see those new and familiar faces. I love to waterski, so hopefully this year I’ll be out on Beaver lake overseeing some excellent waterski technique!

Morgan Rice

11 Years At Can-Aqua

Hey everyone, my name’s Morgan! This summer is going to be a wild ride and I could not be more excited!! Some of my favourite things to do at camp include, wakeboarding, making bracelets and canoeing. I can’t wait to see all of you returning campers and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you who are coming to camp for the first time. See you all soon for another unforgettable summer!

Breanne Bull

7th Year At Can-Aqua

I’ve been coming to Can-Aqua for a while now and I am still yet to experience a more loving and fun environment! Solaris will always dominate the games!

Emma MacLean

11 Years At Can-Aqua

This is going to be my 11th year at camp! Camp has been a very special place for me to spend summers at and I have met so many great people there! My favourite activities are nature and waterskiing. I look forward to hopefully seeing you there this year!

Saidbh Boyle

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

The adventure continues..I love singing, art and spending time outside. I’m amped (pun intended) to pass my guitar skills on again this year and to embrace another beautiful summer con Beaver Lake.