If going away to camp is about having fun, gaining independence, learning to work with others and discovering the beauty in our natural surroundings, then taking part in a canoe trip while at Camp is a terrific opportunity!

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We love tripping at Camp Can-Aqua!

It takes teamwork and selflessness to accomplish all tasks, whether it is attempting to finish a portage, paddling “just a bit” further after a long day, or the overcoming of fear of sleeping outdoors. It is these feats and the feeling of accomplishing something together as a group, that make a trip so rewarding. Tripping at Camp Can-Aqua takes our focus of community development one step further. We’re a camp that believes stingily in the benefits of both life at camp and the experiences found on trip.

Our valiant explorers

Who is able to take part in an out-trip?

  • Campers who are 7-9 years old have the option to trip on Beaver Lake (the Camp Can-Aqua lake) for an overnight.
  • Campers who are 9-14 years old have the option of participating in a 1 night 2 day canoe trip to Centre Lake.
  • Campers who are 12-15 years old and stay at camp for 4 weeks are eligible to go to Algonquin Provincial Park (optional) for a 3 night trip.
  • Campers who are 14, 15 & 16 years old and enrolled in our Forerunner or LIT Program take part in a canoe trip in Algonquin Park for 5 & 8 nights.
  • Campers who are 16 & 17 years old and enrolled in our CIT program take part in a short instructor training trip, designed to teach safe tripping facilitation as well as a White Water Trip during the month
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