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Andrew Martin, Camp Director

With a terrific base of camping experience and knowledge, Andrew brings over 15 years of camp management and a creative passion to his role at Camp Can-Aqua. A life long supporter of the camping movement, he believes strongly in the experiences and outcomes of summer camping in Ontario and is driven to ensure that no camper is ever overlooked.

Since taking over Can-Aqua in 2012, Andrew has injected his creative methods into the camp, but continues to be impressed with the base to which he is able to work. In his words, “it’s not difficult to be a remarkable summer camp when you start with an inspiring culture of young people, then partner them with one of the most impressive properties on the planet!”

Through his education and work experience, Andrew possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills as well as a passion for camping that is easily transposed to staff and campers. As a hands on manager, being a part of daily camp life is essential to Andrew and he can be often found in the centre of the excitement within any camp program.

As a leader, “Marty” models creativity in programming, encouraging staff to provide new and exciting activities and events to campers every summer. Of many certainties, be confident that Camp Can-Aqua will always have new and exciting things to offer our campers, setting a bar of excellence that constantly evolves.


Mike Somerville, Associate Director – Summer Camp

After spending a number of years on the senior management of Camp Couchiching, Mike is thrilled to be an active part in all that is amazing here at Camp Can-Aqua. He is child focused and devoted to ensuring that the needs of campers never go un-noticed.

A graduate of Laurier University, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role at Can-Aqua…and of course a lot of humour! His passive demeanour and positive attitude make him a leader campers are drawn to. An advocate for the summer camp experience, Mike began attending summer camp in Ontario at the age of 6 and has never looked back since. His love of camp is partnered with a love of reading and specifically of comics and graphic novels. At camp, his comic book club is a popular pass time for kids during their free time period.

When summer camp is not in session, Mike is active in the video game community where he competes as a professional gamer.

Mike can be contacted via email at or through the camp office.

It's Somer-Time!

Scott Graham, Director of Education and Leadership

Outdoor Education within the structure of a camping environment is Scott’s calling. He has an incredible passion for educational opportunities that unfold in the outside world and with ten years of knowledge, skills, and experience teaching at educational camps, outdoor learning centres, and outdoor experiences within the formal education system, Scott is exceptional.

A graduate of Queen’s University’s Bachelor of Education program, Scott is both a teacher and a visionary who is familiar with both camp and the Ontario educational curriculum. Previously holding roles as the Program Director at Camp Tamakwa, the Assistant Director of Camp Quin-Mo-Lac, and as an Outdoor Educator with Camp Wanakita, Scott is thrilled to be a part of Camp Can-Aqua’s year round management team.

Scott can be contacted through the camp office at

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Staff Bios

Assistant Grand Pooh-Bahs

Anne Whitehead
Camp Registrar

Anne is the owner of the lovely voice with an English accent who takes care of camper registrations. She is also the camp’s bookkeeper and keeps us on the straight and narrow path to success.

Anne has been an active and integral part of Can-Aqua for ten years!

Dan Bierworth
Facilities Assistant Head

I first joined Camp Can-Aqua 22 years ago to help in the maple bush and to assist with some building and property maintenance. Since then, I have added the responsibilities for Can-Eco Depot (managing the camp’s recycling program). During the summer I am the camp’s primary driver, chauffeuring the campers to and from Algonquin Park, Anstruther Lake and Toronto. I continue to be very involved in the maple production and management of the maple forest.

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