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Andrew Martin, Camp Director

With a terrific base of camping experience and knowledge, Andrew brings over 15 years of camp management and a creative passion to his role at Camp Can-Aqua. A life long supporter of the camping movement, he believes strongly in the experiences and outcomes of summer camping in Ontario and is driven to ensure that no camper is ever overlooked.

Since taking over Can-Aqua in 2012, Andrew has injected his creative methods into the camp, but continues to be impressed with the base to which he is able to work. In his words, “it’s not difficult to be a remarkable summer camp when you start with an inspiring culture of young people, then partner them with one of the most impressive properties on the planet!”

Through his education and work experience, Andrew possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills as well as a passion for camping that is easily transposed to staff and campers. As a hands on manager, being a part of daily camp life is essential to Andrew and he can be often found in the centre of the excitement within any camp program.

As a leader, “Marty” models creativity in programming, encouraging staff to provide new and exciting activities and events to campers every summer. Of many certainties, be confident that Camp Can-Aqua will always have new and exciting things to offer our campers, setting a bar of excellence that constantly evolves.


Mike Somerville, Associate Director – Summer Camp

After spending a number of years on the senior management of Camp Couchiching, Mike is thrilled to be an active part in all that is amazing here at Camp Can-Aqua. He is child focused and devoted to ensuring that the needs of campers never go un-noticed.

A graduate of Laurier University, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role at Can-Aqua…and of course a lot of humour! His passive demeanour and positive attitude make him a leader campers are drawn to. An advocate for the summer camp experience, Mike began attending summer camp in Ontario at the age of 6 and has never looked back since. His love of camp is partnered with a love of reading and specifically of comics and graphic novels. At camp, his comic book club is a popular pass time for kids during their free time period.

When summer camp is not in session, Mike is active in the video game community where he competes as a professional gamer.

Mike can be contacted via email at or through the camp office.

It's Somer-Time!

Scott Graham, Director of Education and Leadership

Outdoor Education within the structure of a camping environment is Scott’s calling. He has an incredible passion for educational opportunities that unfold in the outside world and with ten years of knowledge, skills, and experience teaching at educational camps, outdoor learning centres, and outdoor experiences within the formal education system, Scott is exceptional.

A graduate of Queen’s University’s Bachelor of Education program, Scott is both a teacher and a visionary who is familiar with both camp and the Ontario educational curriculum. Previously holding roles as the Program Director at Camp Tamakwa, the Assistant Director of Camp Quin-Mo-Lac, and as an Outdoor Educator with Camp Wanakita, Scott is thrilled to be a part of Camp Can-Aqua’s year round management team.

Scott can be contacted through the camp office at

Outward Bound!


Staff Bios

Assistant Grand Pooh-Bahs

Dan Bierworth
Facilities Head

I first joined Camp Can-Aqua 22 years ago to help in the maple bush and to assist with some building and property maintenance. Since then, I have added the responsibilities for Can-Eco Depot (managing the camp’s recycling program). During the summer I am the camp’s primary driver, chauffeuring the campers to and from Algonquin Park, Anstruther Lake and Toronto. I continue to be very involved in the maple production and management of the maple forest.

Anne Whitehead
Camp Registrar

Anne is the owner of the lovely voice with an English accent who takes care of camper registrations. She is also the camp’s bookkeeper and keeps us on the straight and narrow path to success.

Anne has been an active and integral part of Can-Aqua for ten years!

My Skills


3 Years At Can-Aqua
Camp is the best because you get to be a non-stop kid with endless fun and unparalleled magic! it’s a place where all dreams come true and you can do anything you can imagine! If you’re looking for me at camp I’ll probably be at the waterfront (best front). Each year brings something special with so many new friends and memories which is why I can’t wait for this summer! See ya then!

12th Year At Can-Aqua

After spending the last 12 years on the shores of Beaver Lake, I have experienced all that camp has to offer, or so I think. From the land and water activities to the behind the scenes work, I enjoy spending most of my time driving the ski boats around the lake. However, every year I am amused by the surprises that camp has to offer, the new campers, the staff and the new activities. Camp Can-Aqua is my home away from home.

3rd Year At Can-Aqua

Hey, I’m Tom but you can call me Tommy. I honestly love many camp activities but some of my favourites are kayaking, tripping, soccer, canoe polo…you know, all the outdoors ones! Camp is obviously super cool and I love it. What’s more honest than that?

Peace out.

See you in the summer folks


8th Year At Can-Aqua

Summer camp has been the highlight of my years for the last 8 years of my life. When I was a camper at Camp Can-Aqua I remember how excited I was to come back every year for new adventures with the great friends I have made over the years. I waited through a whole long school year to spend a couple weeks at my favorite place on Earth. Camp has taught me so many incredible life lessons and has shaped me into the person I am today. At camp I learned that small actions can have a big impact and it was here that I grew comfortable in my own skin. My favorite activities at camp include spreading butter waterskiing on beaver lake, getting gnarly on a board surf, and all things SPORTS!! A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about!! Looking forward to seeing everyone for another amazing summer at Can-Aqua.

12 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp Can-Aqua is my favourite place in the world! After coming to camp for the past 12 years, I would never want to spend my summers anywhere else. Camp has taught me so much from doing a wet exit in kayaking, to how to make sure I’m living life to the fullest. At camp, I love hanging out by the water, swimming and kayaking! When I’m not at camp (which is rare) I like to bicycle and hang out with my friends! I hope to see you all at camp this summer and don’t forget to check out the waterfront!

9 Years At Can-Aqua

My name is Simon, this is my 9th summer on the shores of Beaver lake, and my fourth summer on staff. I love being a part of the Can-Aqua community, seeing familiar faces and watching the positive affects camp instills in all of us. My greatest passion at camp is instilling the value of that community in our campers and staff past and present. I cannot wait to see everyone on the shores of Beaver lake again this summer.


9 Years At Can-Aqua

From being a camper to becoming staff, I’ve developed so many useful skills that I use everyday. My favourite activities including Photography, Camp Craft, Ski and swim. I cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces return and all the new beautiful people I get to meet.

11 Years At Can-Aqua

This small person lives, breathes, and eats camp. Ok maybe not eats camp. You can find me at my two favourite places in the world, campcraft and waterskiing!! My love for the Tritus team has no bounds.

13 Years At Can-Aqua

I am one of two who speak french at camp, and I’ve learned all my English there. I have so many good memories from my time at Can-Aqua, and I hope to change some lives this summer!

6th Year At Can-Aqua

Hey! My name is Zoé and I started coming to Can-Aqua all the way from Montreal back in 2011! My favorite activities at camp are camp craft and nature, and veggie lasagna is the greatest meal on earth! I’m very excited to see you all….Go Solaris!!

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

Hey y’all ! I’m from Alberta, where I grew up going to summer camp. This will be my second year at Can-Aqua and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Jamming at campfire, getting creative at arts and crafts, belaying some amazing tree climbers and making new friends from around the world; are just a few of my favorite parts of camp. Get ready for an inTENTS summer ! See yah soon !

6th Year At Can-Aqua

Every year I count down the days to go back to camp. Can-Aqua is my favourite place on earth to spend my summer. Is there something better than eating S’more’s on a summer evening by the campfire with your cabin mates? I love teaching Kayak, dancing and snorkel on the shores of Beaver Lake. I try to create a smile on everyone at camp. Excited to see you there!

Counsellor / Instructors

1st Year At Can-Aqua

As it is my first year in camp, I’m really excited for this new adventure. I want to do my best and learn new things. I am passionate about photography, piano and sports. I like to have fun and meet new people to make incredible memories.

3rd Year At Can-Aqua

There’s something so magical about Can-Aqua. I have never experienced another place on earth that is so welcoming and accepting. Maybe it’s the countless smiles on the faces of those that pass, or laughter in the air… Maybe it’s that feeling you get when you learn a new skill, or make a new friend. I’m thinking it could be the support of the staff, who are always there encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. Whatever it is, it has me start the Camp Countdown the minute I leave! I can’t wait to be back out on a paddle board (trying to avoid the ski boat waves) but I have to say gletch and mosaics has my heart! Can’t beat relaxing on the porch designing up a storm. I love being a part of the Can-Aqua family and can’t wait to watch it grow.

1st Year At Can-Aqua

I’m so excited to come to camp this summer. I can’t wait to have a dance off with you all, I have a feeling you’re gonna be some talented people! I hope to share my love of video and photography with you guys and catch some really nice memories along the way.

1st Year At Can-Aqua
I’ve just finished a ski season in Italy, am looking forward to an amazing summer in Canada, I play guitar sing and act and can’t wait to meet new friends and have a blast!

1st Year At Can-Aqua

My dream is to be all the things that my uncle represented to me. He gave me the nudge I needed to travel and become a little more independent, just like camp does! If I can create that same impact on kids that he had on me, that would mean the absolute world to me.

7 Years At Can-Aqua

I’m beyond exciting to be returning to Can-Aqua this year as first-year staff! Over the years I’ve really gotten into kayaking and snorkelling, and you can definitely catch me at the waterfront enjoying all that beaver lake has to offer! Camp has and will always be an amazing place to try new things, and I can’t wait to help make this summer an unforgettable one!!!

7th Year At Can-Aqua

I’m absolutely stoked to be spending another year at Can-Aqua. You’ll most likely find me in the waterfront swimming or kayaking around Beaver Lake. My favourite thing about camp is the multitude of life lessons you learn just by having fun! I can’t wait to meet all of you and see your bright and shining faces this summer!

1st Year At Can-Aqua

If I’m not cheering or dancing, you’ll find me doing chemistry experiments in the lab or watching cool videos on YouTube. I love food, dogs and the outdoors, and am extremely excited to be joining the Camp Can-Aqua team in making this summer your favourite one yet! Fun Fact: I took math classes in university “for fun”, but I promise I have way more than funky algebra for us to do at camp!

7 Years At Can-Aqua

Hey there! I’m Emily and I love dogs, camp and being outdoors. Gletch / mosaics and photography are by far my favourite activities at camp. I also love canoe trips and mountain biking. When I’m not at camp, you can find me playing hockey or petting my dog!

6 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp has been one the highlights of the year for me since my very first summer here, and I’m so pumped to be on the staff team this year! My favourite activities include nature, campcraft, and kayak, but I’m always down to try new things. See you this summer!

3 Years At Can-Aqua

It’s my first summer back at camp in three years. I live in Australia, and I’m super excited to be returning this summer as staff and seeing both new and familiar faces. I love to waterski, so hopefully this year I’ll be out on Beaver lake overseeing some excellent waterski technique!

10 Years At Can-Aqua

Hey everyone, my name’s Morgan and I’m 18 years old! This summer is a special one for me as it will be my 10th summer at Can-Aqua and my first year on staff and I could not be more excited!! Some of my favourite things to do at camp include, wakeboarding, making bracelets and canoeing. I can’t wait to see all of you returning campers and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you who are coming to camp for the first time. See you all soon for another unforgettable summer!

6th Year At Can-Aqua

I’ve been coming to Can-Aqua for 6 years and I am still yet to experience a more loving and fun environment! Solaris will always dominate the games!

10 Years At Can-Aqua

This is going to be my 10th year at camp! Camp has been a very special place for me to spend summers at and I have met so many great people there! My favourite activities are nature and waterskiing. I look forward to hopefully seeing you there this year!

1st Year At Can-Aqua

I’m from Cork which is in the south of Ireland. I love singing, art and spending time outside. I’ve been a girl guide for my whole life and I’m excited to bring my outdoor skills to Can-Aqua!

1st Year at Can-Aqua

Every time I am at camp, I can’t help it but smile and realize how wonderful it is seeing how camp is such a happy place to be in. One thing I love about camp is just meeting all sorts of weird people from around the world and just listening to their stories. It’s a place where there’s true joy and happiness. It wholeheartedly fulfills my heart. People always ask me why is my name Rice, well this year at summer you will soon find out why!

I don’t just like rice, I LOVE RICE!

9 Years At Can-Aqua

I am beyond excited to be spending another year at Can-Aqua, and even more excited to meet you all! You’ll most likely find me chilling at Gletch or A+C because creativity never goes out of style. Camp is like a second home to me and I hope it can be yours too!

10 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp is probably my favorite place on earth. I love the cabins, the lake, the whole camp in general! But my favorite thing about camp would definitely be the people. Camp Can-Aqua has such an amazing camp community. I love seeing new campers make friends within the first 10 minutes of their arrival. Not to mention, the food is pretty great too. This will be my first year on the staff team and I cannot wait. See you guys soon!

1st Year At Can-Aqua

I’m a board game loving, Dungeons and Dragons playing Australian who has been spending heaps of time in the great outdoors through my 12 years of Scouts and can’t wait to check out Canada and camp!!!

10th Year At Can-Aqua
I’m so excited to start another great year at camp! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone, and I hope to make everyone’s experience as wonderful as mine. My favourite activities are A+C, boardsurf and gletch, see you there!

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

During my past summers at camp I have learned so many things about myself. I have discovered strengths, weaknesses and lived experiences that have made me a better person. Camp has helped me value so many things in my daily life I never could have thought. I’m so excited to return this summer!

11 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp has been a huge part of my life as long as I can remember. Over the years, I’ve done almost every activity there is to do and they’re all awesome! Some favourites of mine are waterskiing, woodworking, snorkel, and nature. I aspire to be a really fun counselor who leads campers on a journey to discover themselves. I have gained many skills from camp over the years and look forward to passing on what I’ve seen and done during my experience to the future campers of Can-aqua.

2 Years At Can-Aqua

I’ve spent 1 year at camp already but my family history at camp started in 87. I love skiing, kayaking and instructing basically anything. Camp-wide games are also a favourite of mine. I like music, sports and I’m from Australia. Go Tritus!

1st Year At Can-Aqua

I’m very excited to learn more about Can-aqua, its activities, campers, staff and everything else. Playing the guitar is my pasion but I’ll be working in the kitchen this summer, so I hope not to disappoint anyone (keep calm, I have experience).

6 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp has changed over the years and so have I. But the friends I made and the fun I always had has never changed. Camp is a place where I always feel welcome. Living in Germany and having the opportunity to be at camp all summer long is something special; it’s like a second home.

1st Year At Can-Aqua

Hey! I’m Tina and I’m really excited to meet you! At camp, I’m going to be running a fencing program, which I’m uber excited about. Outside of fencing, I’m a big fan of podcasts, film photography, music, and my dog. Can’t wait for an amazing summer!

First Year at Can-Aqua

Hi Guys, my name is Tom and I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone this summer. I’m so excited to be a part of the team at can-aqua. I’d say I’m most excited to make new friends and counsel some awesome kids!. I’m really looking forward to trip and running activities. Summer Camp is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to be a counselor this summer!


9 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp is where I learned many important skills that I’ve taken home with me. In addition to self-confidence, and speaking in front of crowds I also learned how to canoe, how to string a bow, light a fire and made friends! Can-aqua is an amazing place with a strong sense of family and it’s own special magic. Every year I come back it is an absolute blast and 2018 will be no different!

7 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp is my favorite place in the world, and I’m super excited for this summer. My favorite activities are waterskiing, campcraft, and archery, but I love learning new things too!

5th Year At Can-Aqua

This will be my fifth year attending camp Can-Aqua. As a kid, I spent most of my summers at camp and they had been the best summers of my life. This always motivates me to become my best self and make others as happy as can be. Camp gives me an amazing outlook on how lucky we are to have an environment such as Camp Can-Aqua and I cherish every moment. Camp has made me always feel welcome and comfortable in any situation while having so much fun! My personal favourite activity at camp is waterskiing and I hope that all kids get to experience such an amazing activity.

Come join us and EXPERIENCE CAN-AQUA!