No one ever wants summer camp to end. Especially not a Can-Aqua summer. No one can stop the leaves from changing into vibrant hues of orange, red and yellow. No one can prevent them from falling off the trees one by one. Nobody can stop the ground from wrapping itself in a thick blanket of snow. No one can freeze the clock of life. We grow up, and eventually, we can no longer attend nor work at camp. But what we can do, is keep the summer camp experience alive all year long, and in every aspect of our lives.

Keeping the

flame alive

Everywhere else, summers end. At Can-Aqua, the summer camp experience lives on through our alumni.Our proud alumni stay connected to the camp all year long. There are many opportunities to visit the grounds, whether by attending Family Camp, the Alumni Weekend, dropping by for a quick tour to purchase maple syrup, or donating time to help maintain the grounds and set up for the summertime.

Our alumni stay connected to each other. Friendships made at Can-Aqua are always special and long-lasting. It is not rare to hear that when someone gets married, they invite a whole table of their camp friends to be part of the ceremony. The Can-Aqua network is like a large and supportive family. Whether in their personal or professional lives, our alumni have benefitted from networking together.

Finally, the lessons learned at Can-Aqua extend beyond the summers. The leadership skills acquired at Can-Aqua help our alumni succeed in their careers. We often receive letters from alumni saying how their camp experience has made them become better managers, salespeople, artists or teachers.

The camp experience is invaluable. It is not just about what happens in a summer. There is so much that happens after.

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