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One of the most exciting programs of the summer camp experience is our Camp Can-Aqua Games!!!

During the games our campers are divided into teams for friendly competition in a wide range of challenges. The end goal….winning the sessions’s Token.

Activities during the Can-Aqua Games are a mix of athletic, creative, artistic and intellectual. This mix of options ensures all campers are engaged and involved in what is a definite highlight of each summer session at camp.

Campers are placed onto one of three teams in their first year at camp. Each year as they return to camp, they remain on their Can-Aqua Games team.

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pyramid on skis
trials by fire



Every night is a new adventure at Camp Can-Aqua during Evening Program. Will it be a running game, like Capture the Flag or Battleship? Will it be an adventure, like Councillor Hunt, Can-Aqua Carnival or Clue? Which song will your cabin perform a lip sync and dance to for “Air Bands”? How about a creative skit at Campfire? Every year there are new activities and games, including recent additions such as Cranium and Iron Chef Can-Aqua.

Action! Drama! Laughter! There’s something for everyone!

Feel the excitement building as the staff exclaim, “Tonight’s Evening Program is….”

stars are born
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Come join us and EXPERIENCE CAN-AQUA!