On Land


With over 160 acres to roam and explore our land programs offer kids diversity in programming and the opportunity to explore the diverse landmass that surrounds camp. Our land programs include the following options:

  • Archery
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fencing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Camp Craft
  • Climb & Bouldering
  • Nature
  • Lego Design
  • Sports

Each program offers its own set of accomplishments and awards for kids to work towards achieving. The programs also offer drop in options for kids who want to simply play for a period.

Our Sports Program is divided further into a variety of different active programming options. This area encourages kids to request sport activities they are interested in taking part in. From Baseball, to Bocce Ball and everything in between, the flexibility of the programming board creates an opportunity for kids to help shape the activities offered on a day to day basis.

Ace your


on target!


Archery is a sport that thrives off of popularity from movies and children’s tales, making it the activity for all-ages. The strength of the archery program comes from Can-Aqua’s patient and knowledgeable instructors, and a unique and well-structured award system. After learning the safety rules and basic shooting techniques, it will be easy to pick up and shoot your first arrow. The thrill of hitting the target is unforgettable! 

Rated: Instructional



From soccer balls to frisbees, hockey sticks to surf boards, sports play an important role in developing leadership and confidence. Promoting teamwork and exercise, sports at Can-Aqua are all about FUN!

Our FOREST FIELD and grounds are home to classic summer team sports like Soccer, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. Head over to the REC HALL and test out your wrist shot at Floor Hockey. The shape of the rink is sure to add a new “angle” to your game. Cool off at the WATERFRONT and grab some friends for a refreshing game of Water Polo.

Want to try something new? Learn to toss the disc on our extensive Frisbee Golf course! Challenge your cabin mates to a game of Sphairee, a unique hybrid of tennis and ping-pong! Or explore camp through a classic game of Bocce Ball.

Rated: Recreational

shootin' hoops


look closely and see


At Nature campers have the opportunity to learn about the world around them. Campers will examine the landscapes of CanAqua, investigating tree species, animal life in the area and the environment. Kids engage in leaning and playing in the world around them. They even have an opportunity to make their own maple syrup! Nature activities cater to all ages and directly links to both the Can-Aqua Tripping and Camp Craft philosophies.

Rated: Instructional



With over 300 acres to discover, private trails on our own property and miles of Ontario Trails to navigate, the mountain biking program at Can-Aqua gets kids outside and riding. Campers are welcome to bring their own bikes or make use of ours, and will have the opportunity to sign up for this program on a regular basis.

Campers enrolled in the specialty camp for Biking are required to bring their own bikes or rent an advanced bike from the camp.

Rated: Instructional

are we in sudbury yet?


with just 1 match


Learn skills to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Collect and arrange kindling, tinder and fuel to start your first five-minute fire, then graduate to building bigger flames and cooking hot chocolate and macaroni. Explore the woods to mark your own trail, then learn to navigate your way through the Can-Aqua orienteering course with a compass. By your final award, you’ll have been trained to spend an evening of camp proving your survival skills by building your own shelter and cooking your own dinner. Learning the way of the woods and how to harness all of the natural environment’s potential will help make you a camping expert – eager and ready to explore with ease.

*Due to safety considerations, Camp Craft is open to campers ages 12 or older*

Rated: Instructional



Our Natural Forest Climbing Initiative is nestled into the forest and offers two unique courses to explore.

This high climbing course is a great addition to camp and is an ideal partner to the “Lipsett Low Ropes Course”, our Low Ropes and team building initiatives.

With two separate courses, soaring into the sky, this is an adventure for the bravest of campers!

Rated: Recreational 

barkin' up the right tree

Equestrian Excellence



The equestrian program is designed for campers who want to add a half-day of “horse time” into their busy days on the shores of Beaver Lake.

Each morning, campers enrolled in this program will travel 5 minutes south to D&A Stables. During their 2.5 hours, they will spend a minimum of 1 hour on their horses and the remainder of their morning on the grounds and in the barn, learning about the animals. This program is built around a beginner level of riding and is not recommended for intermediate and advanced riders.

To view our horseback information video, click HERE.

Rated: Instructional



Fencing is a great way for kids of all ages and sizes to build agility, strength, endurance, and flexibility. In addition to fitness benefits, fencing promotes intellectual development, decision-making skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

Campers are able to join a single class or attend all week as they learn about the culture of duelling and the rules of engagement.

Rated: Instructional

En Garde!

Lego Mania



In Lego Design campers are able to literally “dive” right in! With over 100,000 bricks of LEGO, this activity is limited only by the imagination.

Providing kids with an opportunity to be creative with their minds, lego design is part of the STEP UP program at Can-Aqua.

Rated: Recreational

Come join us and EXPERIENCE CAN-AQUA!

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