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Our food service at Can-Aqua is child friendly and fantastic! Meals are planned and prepared by our Food Service Director and we are always striving to innovate and improve. Mealtime is a big part of the memories at camp. Campers receive 3 well-balanced and nutritious meals daily in our central dining hall facility as well as a snack each night. Vegetarian options are available at every meal. We recognize that campers may have individual preferences and therefore, are proud to offer a salad and alternatives bar in addition to each regular meal. Cabins are assigned a table as their home base for every meal at the start of each session.

In addition to eating in the dining hall, our regular buffet lunches, outdoor picnics and barbeques provide fun and social eating experiences that many campers note as their favourite part of the Can-Aqua experience.

Each evening, our camp day finishes with a quick snack before heading to bed.

Food lines?

Special Diets

At Camp Can-Aqua we endeavour to support children with food allergies and dietary restrictions. For any allergies or restrictions that may involve a specialized meal, parents may be asked to supply meals to support their campers needs.

Parents may communicate with our staff prior to their child’s arrival at camp to review each campers individual needs and preferences.

Special diets our food service staff have supported include:

Please note: We are not able to support a Vegan diet, nor can we support multiple dietary restrictions. If you’re camper has significant dietary needs, we can recommend other camps that may specialize in these specific needs.

Can-Aqua is Nut Aware!

Camp Can-Aqua is a camp that is proud to be inclusive of many allergies, diets and restrictions. As a result of this active focus, we are proud to promote a nut sensitive dining hall experience.

Because we are the home to many children with nut allergies each summer, we do our best and take several measures to support kids with these type of allergies. With this in mind, to be successful, we need your help and support. Here is what you can do!

For more information on our food service, please contact our Director at


The Health Centre

The health centre at Can-Aqua is simple, basic and functional. Our health team is kind, supportive and caring, understanding the importance of nurturing a child’s needs when they are away from home.

In addition to our on site health team, we are situated 15 minutes from the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency.

Campers are welcome to visit the Health Center throughout the day for issues as needed. For campers who take medication on a regular basis, a schedule is posted and medication is ready for campers at the appropriate times. Cabin counsellors are there to help remind their campers to visit the health centre if necessary.

Our health centre staff consists of RN’s, NP’s, MD’s and First Aiders. While we may have nurses and doctors on site during some sessions, it is possible that some sessions will be staffed by a first aider only. For this reason, we do not focus or specialize on supporting campers with medical needs that would benefit from supervision of a health professional. 

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