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Making use of our own private lake, Can-Aqua is widely known for the diverse mix of programs offered and the attention to skill development provided in each area. On any given day, our lake is filled with boats, swimmers and laughter.


with style!


At Can-Aqua, swimming is a big part of camp and is one of our most popular summer activities for kids. Taking lessons at camp is a terrific opportunity for kids to progress with the levels they are working on in the city. Swimming lessons are included in camp fees and our swimming instructors are certified and trained in both Red Cross and LSS swimming programs, which allow for us to continue the work they’ve been doing in the city. From beginner to advanced, our safe and secure beach waterfront area, is a great place for kids to learn to swim.

Campers who are enrolled at camp for a month can work towards Bronze Medallion and Cross. These swimming levels are also taught in our Leadership Program. Candidates enrolled in JRC will take the NLS lifeguarding course.

Rated: Instructional

Getting your swim down


Gliding across the water
Controlled radical!


Whether it is your first time up on a wakeboard or a pair of skis, or you are gaining new skills by learning another trick, wake boarding and water skiing are always exciting.

The Camp Can-Aqua culture loves boat sports and our ski staff offer exceptional instruction.


Camp Can-Aqua is proud of our independent award system designed to encourage skill development.


Our qualified and experienced instructors/boat drivers make learning fun and SAFE. Beaver Lake provides perfect water conditions for beginners, slalom, slalom course, tricks, and show stunts.

*Please note: Waterski and Wake board are offered as instructional program only for those participating in the Specialty Camp Stream. While we do our very best to ensure all campers have an opportunity to experience this program, campers not in the specialized stream may only have 1-2 opportunities to be behind the boat during their session.

Rated: Instructional



All kneeboard runs begin with campers shouting “Hit It!” when they are ready to begin their laps around our low-traffic, private lake.

Kneeboarding is always a great place at camp to chill out, cool off, and have fun! Whether it is your first-time out at the ski docks, or you are comfortable on the water, kneeboarding will always be a great place for you ride the waves and feel the wind in your hair. While focusing on safety, our Ski-Staff—with skills developed over the course of a thirty year ski-culture, and their own comprehensive experiences—help campers learn, and master anything from basic deep-water starts to 180’s to 360’s, and beyond!

Rated: Recreational 

Kneed for speed


Seats 8, No Cupholders


One of the timeless traditions of ontario summer camp, the canoeing program offers campers the opportunity to develop skills that are centuries old. In a fast paced world, the art of paddling is both reflective and challenging. Campers who excel in canoeing have the opportunity to advance in one of five award levels in this discipline.

Rated: Instructional



Kayaking is a great way to explore Beaver Lake and get comfortable navigating on your own! The Kayak program is geared towards providing campers with the skills needed to successfully navigate running water. Working to teach paddling techniques, safe exits and rolling, once campers develop their skills and are able to roll confidently, they have the opportunity to shoot rapids in a safe and exciting excursion to running water.

Rated: Instructional

Compact, handles well


Get on the right tack


The Sailing program at CanAqua focuses on providing campers with the basic skills and experience to safely operate a sailboat. With the use of Hobie Cat’s and other small boats, we are a beginners sail school. 

Because Beaver Lake is enclosed and private, our environment is ideal for kids to learn this remarkable skill that they will keep with them forever.

This is a terrific program option that should not be missed!

Rated: Instructional



Power On! With Sails and boards of all sizes and shapes, campers interested in learning this skill are guaranteed to get up on their boards. Windsurfing can be a very challenging activity. At Canaqua we strive to make this learning fun (ages 13+)

Want the fun of the board without the sail. Out stand up paddle boards are an exciting pass time on the lake. A great opportunity for kids to work on balance, coordination and core body strengthening, the SUP program is taking camp by storm.

Rated: Recreational

Catch a breeze


Martians from the deep


Explore Beaver Lake from a new perspective: underwater! This program teaches campers proper diving and entry into water, effective breathing and gives them an opportunity to work with snorkels and fins. With some instruction, much of a Snorkelers day is spent exploring Beaver Lake as they navigate through obstacle courses, or go on treasure hunts. Sign up for a Snorkel Hike to adventure to another part of the lake where past explorers have found all sorts of treasures, from lost sunglasses, to an old bicycle. Snorkel makes swimming fun!

Rated: Instructional

Come join us and EXPERIENCE CAN-AQUA!

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