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How do I register for camp?

To register for camp please visit our Registration Page to begin the process of enrolling in camp.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard only) are the preferred method of paying your deposit. From there, we accept balance payment via cheques, money orders, bank transfers and email transfer.

What cities do you provide transportation from?

Camp Can-Aqua is proud to offer transportation to and from camp from Oakville, Toronto, and Ottawa. For International Campers, we provide transportation to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Our transportation staff will escort campers to their airline gates at the end of each camp session.

How many campers are in each bunk?

Each one of our camper’s cabins holds up to 8 campers. In addition to the campers, every cabin has at least one Counselor and one Junior Counselor residing in the cabin. Can-Aqua ensures supervision on a 24 hour basis, which means that every evening one of the cabin staff remains in the cabin all night.

Can my child request to be in a cabin with a friend?

100%!!! When filling out our registration form, simply put the names of your child’s cabin mate requests onto the form and be sure kids are within 1 year apart. Camp Can-Aqua guarantees cabin requests that are two sided (both campers request each other).

What is a typical day like at Camp Can-Aqua?

Campers stay busy all day at camp! From our Morning Bell “Lights-Out” at bedtime, our day is packed with fun!

Who is taking care of my child?

The Can-Aqua staff team consists of hard working, passionate role models, who are committed to ensuring that each camper is given the opportunity to realize and appreciate the joys and the wonders of their summer camp experience. Most of our staff have grown up through in our community, beginning as campers, growing through the leadership program, they are ready to instill the same exceptional experience they were given as children. We are child focused and a staff culture that believes that even those small moments of interaction are important. All staff take part in our week long Pre-Camp training session and as a general standard, are required to hold First Aid, CPR and NLS (National Lifeguarding Level). In addition, all staff members undergo appropriate criminal background checks. At Can-Aqua we take pride in the exceptional instructional programming we provide. Instructors, who teach in each area, are skilled in those areas and follow detailed guidelines for effective skill development.

What if my child gets homesick while they are at camp?

To begin with, it’s important to know that homesickness is not an illness but a regular part of the camp experience. Furthermore, it’s a critical part of the growth and development of independence. If your child gets homesick while at camp, our first focus is to talk about it. Before you child arrives at camp, take some time to familiarize them with what Camp Can-Aqua is all about. Navigate the website together. Talk about all the incredible things they are going to be doing and the terrific kids and staff they are going to meet. Telling your child that you’ll pick them up if they miss home is a terrible idea and can be destructive to their experience. We ask that you don’t make “pick-up” deals all as it only serves to make the situation worse if your child has the idea in their head that if their sad they’ll be picked up.

See more great tips on prepping your child for summer camp.

How can I get in contact with my child during the camp session?

You are able to connect with camp any time for general updates. To connect with your child during this experience you can:

1. Write a letter or send a care package!
Nothing brings a brighter smile to a camper’s face than mail from family! Be sure to write to your child during their stay at camp. It is like unwrapping a present from home! (Tip for new campers…don’t say things like “I miss you so much”. Instead try statements like “I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures”.

2. Send an E-Mail
This is less exciting but we deliver emails daily. You can email your camper through out their session at info@canaqua.ca. Be sure to put your child’s name in the subject line.

Does Can-Aqua support allergies and special diets?

Yes we do! Each summer, we hire a staff member to manage the special diets for all our campers. Our Dining Hall is equipped with a full service commercial kitchen as well as a separate food service kitchen devoted to special diets such as Celiac, lactose and dairy. It is important to us that each child’s special dietary needs are met. If your child has a dietary restriction, prior to the start of their camp session, our dietary staff will contact you to go over your forms and speak specifically to the needs and preferences of your child.

What if my child is a picky eater?

Can-Aqua places great focus on child friendly, nutritious meals. For the most part, kids love the food! In addition to the meals that are served each day, we also have a salad and alternatives bar that is stocked with healthy alternatives and additions to the meal. Campers enjoy several food options at each meal, so even picky eaters have choices!

What if my child gets sick?

If your child is sick or gets injured that will be brought to our Health Centre. Our Health Centre is staffed with a doctor or registered nurse for each camp session, so help is always at hand. In addition, we are located just 15 minutes from the hospital in Bancroft. If your child requires medical attention beyond day-to-day scrapes and bruises, the camp medical staff will contact home to keep you up to date.

How does camper medication get distributed?

Our day has specified medication times throughout the day and will dispense medication to campers at those prearranged times. Medication is often at the health centre before meals and is brought to the dining hall if a camper forgets. In the evening, campers stop in to see the doc before they go to bet.

How do you deal with campers who may wet the bed?

Bed wetting is an incredibly common issue at camp. So our first piece of advice is…don’t worry about! The camp staff are trained, and familiar with bed-wetting. We have laundry facilities on site where we can wash any bedding and PJ’s and have loaner sleeping bags so that in the event that we need to do a wash, we can be as discreet as possible.

For campers more prone to bed wetting, we encourage you to send them with pull ups. If there is a concern for privacy, campers have the option of storing them in the health centre and stopping in each night before bed to put them on. (Tip: When coaching your child about bed wetting, reassure them that their counselor is in their corner. On their first day, take a moment to speak to one of their counselors with them. It’s important that kids have staff they know they can go to in the event of an accident).

How often will my child shower?

This question really depends on your child! Campers have the opportunity to shower daily during their free periods. In addition, Can-Aqua posts a shower schedule to ensure that all cabins attend planned showers three times each session. If you think showering is going to be a challenge for your camper, please let us know.

Are there flush toilets at camp?

Our Main camp has flush toilets and shower facilities. In addition, each cabin section is equipped with outhouses (we call them Kybo’s) located close to every cabin.

What should we pack for my child’s stay at camp?

Head over to our “What To Bring” page and download a helpful list of what/what not to bring to camp. If you have any other questions about what to pack, give us a call.

Who does my child’s laundry?

Camp Can-Aqua works with a Laundromat. They pick up, wash and fold and return all camper laundry every second week.

Does Camp Can-Aqua allow campers to bring cell phones?


The camp experience is a big investment by you and growth opportunity for you child. Technology serves to isolate their experience and limit growth. While there are camps that allow technology and cell phones we are not one of them, and we’re proud of the community that thrives as a result.

*Campers are reminded to leave their cell phone at home or with parents/guardians for their stay at Can-Aqua. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the social bonds at Can-Aqua strong.

When is the balance of fees due for the summer season?

Summer fee balances are due by May 1st.

Looking for payment plan information? Please contact the camp director for advice.

Does Camp Can-Aqua allow campers to bring their own food/snacks?

Can-Aqua does not allow campers to bring in outside snacks/food, for a number of reasons:

1. We find that bringing personal snacks into the cabin creates barriers between campers.

2. Having food/snacks in the cabin creates safety issues and encourages animals.

3. Allergies: Camp Can-Aqua frequently welcomes campers with food allergies. If you send your child into their cabin with snacks, you may be compromising the health and safety of another camper.

4. Campers can visit the “Tuck Shop” each day, which offers a variety of snacks and drinks, clothing, novelties and camp essentials. Items purchased at the tuck shop are deducted from campers’ tuck accounts.

*If your child has a food allergy or other diet restriction, please get in contact with us and we would be glad to set up a meal/dessert/tuck alternative with you.

Does Camp Can-Aqua welcome campers from other countries?

You bet we do!!! We gladly welcome international campers, and many attend camp every summer. This is a great opportunity for Canadian and international children to create multicultural friendships. Many of our alumni are still in contact with international cabin mates from over the years.

Camp Can-Aqua has welcomed boys and girls from the United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and many more.

Does Camp Can-Aqua have a religious focus?

Camp Can-Aqua is a non denominational summer camp experience. We are supportive and inclusive community that welcomes all.

DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION? WE WOULD BE GLAD TO HELP OUT. Email Andrew Martin, our Camp Director with any questions you may have.

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