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As a premier summer camp in Ontario, at Camp Can-Aqua our mission is to inspire and develop the youth of today. Through fun and engaging adventures, we promote the development of positive decision-making, self-discovery, cooperation and grit.

Our approach to camping is truly unique. Based on the philosophy of our founder, we recognize the value of each individual; we encourage them to challenge themselves through learning and exploration, and we embrace the power of the imagination. We create a world that is engaging, inclusive and full of wonder, where children develop a strong sense of belonging.  In our community, each child is able to recognize their importance as they are encouraged, supported and included in all aspects of camp life.

What Camp Can-Aqua offers is the opportunity for each young person to challenge themselves to be their very best as they take part in their own journey for fun, discovery and adventure.

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Quick & Important Facts!

  • Can-Aqua has offices Oakville and Ottawa. While the web is a great tool and we’re proud of our website, meeting our Camp Director in person is valuable to understanding what Can-Aqua is all about. We offer office appointments as well as home visits, and encourage you to book one.
  • Can-Aqua busses to and from camp from Oakville, Toronto and Ottawa. Car drop-off/pick-up is welcome too.
  • We pay close attention to the details that make each child unique in their camping experience.
  • Can-Aqua is accredited by the Canadian Camping Association as well as the Ontario Camps Association and we adhere to the high standards required for membership.



Camp Can-Aqua is a sleep away camp for up to 160 campers. Once at camp, we are certain that not only will you get to know your cabin mates very well, but that you’ll become familiar with the entire community during your stay. Cabin groups range from 6-10 campers, and all cabins come equipped with two amazing counselors.

New Campers interested in attending Can-Aqua are encouraged to reach out to our director. Throughout the winter he travels to homes to meet new families one on one and provide an introduction into our camp culture. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with camp and for kids to feel more comfortable before embarking for the first time.

All Smiles at Camp


At Camp Can-Aqua we believe that campers should have control of their day. With this in mind, kids are given the choice of which activities to take part in each day of their session. At Can-Aqua you don’t have to do anything….but you must choose something! While each activity day is structured into four periods and one hour of free time, campers are encouraged to select their activities themselves. If they need some help, the staff are always there to guide them in a positive decision making process.

At suppertime, campers go to the Can-Aqua Program Board with their counselor, and choose activities for the following day. It’s an exciting process that kids look forward to being involved in.


Andrew Martin, has been a camp director for 12 years. His outlook on camping, partnered with his creativity and enthusiasm create the foundation of our accepting and positive camp community. As the Camp Director, Andrew works to ensure all kids feel safe, welcome and vocal. He believes that these three components are the most significant pillars of a successful camp experience. Kids need a voice to express their needs & passions and will thrive in an environment where they feel safe and supported in order to use it.  When these pillars are in place, the programs, the excitement and the fun become simply additives to an already remarkable experience. Committed to the importance of feeling at home while at camp, Andrew is active in the community, working to ensure that every camper knows they are an important part of why this camp is so terrific.

Kids Outdoors


Kids learn and grow in many different ways. At Can-Aqua, we believe it is essential to provide kids with options between structured programs where levels are achieved and less structured programs that are just for fun. Here, you are encouraged to try new things and challenge yourself, but never forced into programs because of tradition. The world is constantly changing and, at Can-Aqua, we strive to evolve in all the right ways.


Our counselors take great pride in the achievements of each camper while encouraging them to progress at their own rate. Most of all, they understand the importance of being a positive role model and a friend. Most of our staff have spent time at Can-Aqua during their youth as campers and have long-term experience in our leadership development program. This ensures that the community remains consistent, reliable and familiar for kids who return to year after year.

Can-Aqua staff are constantly going through rigorous training. As minimum staff standards, all team members are required to hold current first aid and CPR. Lifeguards at Camp must hold their National Lifeguard Service (NLS) certification and any staff in specialized instruction has been trained to teach in the area.

The words “Can-Aqua Experience” are often heard among our campers, parents, staff and junior counselors. This experience is like no other as it provides action packed skills, values, friendships and fun for all involved. The end result is an unforgettable summer experience for your kids. Our camp creates long term memories and life-skills by fostering youth development on an ongoing basis. Starting as young campers, choosing Can-Aqua means a decision that will have a lasting impact throughout your life! Most campers will remain at camp; they will learn, grow and develop into caring, compassionate and accepting, young leaders. When it is time to leave camp, these young people will head out into a world that holds vast opportunities for further success. Their time at camp will make them better prepared for these opportunities and challenges, because while at camp we have learned to live together, to compromise, to cooperate and to support one and other.

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We are located just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and are a proud member on the Ontario Camps Association (OCA). We are proud to have been voted on of Ontario’s “Best Summer Camps” for kids.

A big part of many lives across the globe, Camp Can-Aqua is excited to be an Ontario summer camp with integrity. Our Oakville Summer Camp office and our Ottawa Summer Camp office provide families with the opportunity to visit in person and collect information on camp. For international families, look through this site to discover why Can-Aqua is one of the best camps Canada has to offer.

Sun, Water and Trees

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