Stay Overnight &

have a marshmallow...or 3

2, & 4-week Traditional Overnight Summer Camp Programs

Divided into cabins by age and gender, our traditional camp programs (either 2, 3 or 4-weeks) offer the best is summer camp experiences. Each night, campers visit our famous program board to select their programs for the following day. At Can-Aqua we place special emphasis on individualized teaching, which allows each camper to move through programs at their own pace. Our awards system is intricate and ensures that growth and development is recognized and interlaced between simple fun. In addition to activity selections, campers take part in a mix of programs divided by cabin, section, team, gender and full camp each day. As the session progresses, campers will have the opportunity to take part in an overnight camping trip with their cabin mates. Towards the end of each session, our Can-Aqua Games are a highlight to the experience. The mini-games take place halfway through each month, followed by a larger games program at the end of each month.

2 Week Traditional Overnight Summer Camp

Our 2 & 4 week summer programs are a terrific way for kids to grow roots within the camp community. Over the course of their session at camp, they will learn skills, earn awards and establish bonds of friendship that will last their lifetime.

Session 1 Jun 30 - Jul 12, 2024 ages 6-15 13 days
Session 2 Jul 14 - Jul 26, 2024 ages 6-15 13 days
Session 3 Jul 28 - Aug 9, 2024 ages 6-15 13 days
Session 4 Aug 11 - Aug 23, 2024 ages 6-15 13 days

4-Week Traditional Overnight Summer Camp

Campers who stay for 4-weeks not only benefit from additional instruction and program time but also have the opportunity to take part in an advanced Algonquin Outtrip, are eligible for advanced swim instruction (Bronze Med & Cross) and enjoy being part of the popular mid-month “changeover program”.

July Jun 30 - Jul 26, 2024 ages 9-15 27 days
August Jul 28 - Aug 23, 2024 ages 9-15 27 days

Summer camp activities

At Camp Can-Aqua, we understand the power of imagination and create a world that is engaging, inclusive and full of wonder. We offer a wide-range of activities, divided into Land, Water and Arts. Each night, campers visit the program board to choose the activities they’d like to do the next day. Giving kids control over their day results in eager, happy campers who are ready (and on time!) for their activities.

Throughout each session all campers will have the opportunity to take part in a short, 1-2 night outtrip with their section. For campers from SK to Grade 6, these trips are done in sections, are 1 night and are optional. For campers in grade 7 and above, a 2 night trip is a mandatory part of the session experience. These trips are a great way for our campers to connect with nature and learn how to canoe, while developing teamwork, communication and leadership skills. It’s an important part of the Traditional Camper program at Camp Can-Aqua.

A highlight for many campers is our multi-day Can-Aqua Games, which are held at the end of each session. Campers in the four-week Traditional Camper program can: Participate in an exciting, four-night camping trip in the Kawarthas! They are also able to take their advanced swim instruction (Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross) if interested.

Individualized teaching makes for happy campers

At Camp Can-Aqua, we encourage each child to challenge themselves through learning, exploration and responsible risk taking to achieve personal growth. We believe in individualized teaching, which is why campers move through our programs at their own pace. To ensure growth and development are recognized, we have an awards system. Campers develop their leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills through this summer of self-discovery.

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