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What to Pack

Check out this helpful video to assist you with the challenges of packing for your summer camp adventure around the corner!

Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer Camp as Social Suppliment for Modern Society by Andy Pritikin & Peg Smith

Our Kids Publication –  Benefits of Summer Camp – 

A few points to consider – Value of Summer Camp for Kids

“What an amazing world we live in, with more information and connections at our fingertips than we could ever imagine. This brave
new world has come with a price though, as we’ve gradually replaced human interaction with technological interaction, and created a generation of young people, many of whom are not fully equipped for college, the workforce or adult life…”
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Getting to Know Camp-Can-aqua

“Camp Can-Aqua is a little slice of perfection! Our facilities are rustic and traditional, yet well maintained and current. Situated inside over 200 acres of stunning Ontario landscape, our site has been carefully designed and built to blend into the nature around us. Although our greatest feature is our stunning private lake, the property also includes a maple bush, walking trails, bike trails, and a cookout site…” read more

“Camp is not a two week decision over one summer holiday, but rather one of the largest, most significant decisions a parent can make for their child. I was reminded of this very fact throughout the entire summer as both campers and alumni made an effort to introduce themselves to me and welcome me to “the family”… read more

Camp Can-Aqua Blog
See what hottest off the press: check out our blog.

Ready to Register?

Click on over to our registration page to view all of our camp programs, session dates, rates and to register online or by downloading a registration form. Read our registration and cancellation policies here.

Preparing to Leave for Camp

Parent Information Handbook & Camper Guide

Review our Covid Operational Plan here.

Take a look at our extensive guide outlining everything you need to know about Can-Aqua.

Packing List
Check out our Packing List–a one-stop preparation list that is a must-read, especially for first-time campers and their parents.

First Time Camper Tips
Is this your child’s first time away at camp? Here are some helpful tips for new campers and their families.

Homesickness Remedies
Homesickness is part of normal development. Our job is to coach children through the experience, not to avoid the topic altogether. Have a look at what our years of experience have taught us about dealing with homesickness.
Looking for more resources? Homesick and Happy is a terrific book that talks through the challenging anxieties felt by all parents.

Looking for a way to help your camper identify their clothing? Here are two services that partner with the Ontario Camps Association who are worth consideration…
lovable labels - don't lose it - label itmabels labels


CF Appreciation
Camp Can-Aqua is a proud supporter of, which provides support to members of the Canadian Forces Community.


Camp Can-Aqua is a proud partner with Amici Charities. Together, we help make the summer camp experience accessible to all.

Cancellation Policy 2024

Multi Year Accessibility Plan

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