A Typical Day

Take A Flying

Leap Into it

8:00am Morning Wake Up Bell

Good Morning Campers!!!

The camp day starts every morning at 8AM! When the morning bell rings, the counsellors will round the troops and get dressed for the morning.

8:15am Flag Pole and O Canada

As the camp files down in the morning, we organize around the flag pole to sing O Canada. This is followed by the “Cabin Of The Day” performing a small skit to introduce the day. We also do lost and found so we can help make sure campers return home with their belongings.

8:30am Breakfast

The most important meal of the day! It’s still early, so this is the one meal of the day that we don’t get too rowdy…just lots of conversation and jokes with friends. A great meal to fuel up for the day!

Good Morning!

9:15am Cabin Clean Up

You may not think cleaning up is fun, but at Can-Aqua, it’s one of the best parts of the day! Every morning after breakfast we go back to the cabins to let our food digest and do a light clean up as a team. Each cabin competes and adds up their clean-up scores over the session. The cabin with the highest score gets A SURPRISE!

10:00am Period 1

What did you choose??? There are more than 20 activities to take part in! Whichever you choose, it’s going to be loads of fun!

11:00am Period 2

What’s up next? Maybe some swim class, canoe, mosaics, woodworking, photo, frisbee golf, arts and crafts. Choose from over 20 activities. It’s almost lunch!

working the wood

12:30pm Lunch

The loudest and funnest meal of the day! It’s the perfect mix of eating, chatting with friends and silly-ness!

1:30 Rest Hour

Half way through the day. Everyone needs a little break, so after lunch we head back to chill in the cabin, play some cards, or even write a letter home.

2:30pm Period 3

All rested and ready to go. Head to swimming or choose from over 20 activities and have a blast!

3:30pm Period 4

The last sign-up activity of the day. Enjoy the summer fun and choose from over 20 activities!

arty or crafty?

4:45pm Free Time

This one is all about you, whether you want to check out an activity, hang out with friends in main camp, or find a counsellor to help you gain skills for an award. It’s your choice!

6:00pm Dinner and Sign Up

Last meal of the day! Fuel up, sing with friends and sign up for tomorrow’s activities. Campers head out to the Can-Aqua Program Board with their cabin-mates and get to pick from a wide selection of activities for the next day.

7:00 Evening Program

After tuck we gather together for a fun camp-wide activity. From creative and dramatic activities like Air Bands, exploring the camp during Counsellor Hunts, or the ever popular running games where the camp is divided into teams like Capture The Flag. Lots of fun for everyone!

9:00pm Cabin Hang Out

After evening program we head back to the cabins to tell stories, play games and wind down for bed.

10:00pm Bed Time

Lights out! Time for bed…we need lots of rest for the next day of fun!

team ski!

Come join us and EXPERIENCE CAN-AQUA!

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