Huges Dorval

14 Years At Can-Aqua

I am one of two who speak french at camp, and I’ve learned all my English there. I have so many good memories from my time at Can-Aqua, and I hope to change some lives this summer!

Josie Mageau

3rd Year At Can-Aqua

Hey y’all ! I’m from Alberta, where I grew up going to summer camp. This will be my third year at Can-Aqua and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Jamming at campfire, getting creative at arts and crafts, belaying some amazing tree climbers and making new friends from around the world; are just a few of my favorite parts of camp. Get ready for an inTENTS summer ! See yah soon !

Sarah Kitching

12 Years At Can-Aqua

This small person lives, breathes, and eats camp. Ok maybe not eats camp. You can find me at my two favourite places in the world, campcraft and waterskiing!! My love for the Tritus team has no bounds.