Connor Brooks

6th Year At Can-Aqua

This will be my sixth year attending camp Can-Aqua. As a kid, I spent most of my summers at camp and they had been the best summers of my life. This always motivates me to become my best self and make others as happy as can be. Camp gives me an amazing outlook on how lucky we are to have an environment such as Camp Can-Aqua and I cherish every moment. Camp has made me always feel welcome and comfortable in any situation while having so much fun! My personal favourite activity at camp is waterskiing and I hope that all kids get to experience such an amazing activity.

Andrew Wakefield

10 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp is where I learned many important skills that I’ve taken home with me. In addition to self-confidence, and speaking in front of crowds I also learned how to canoe, how to string a bow, light a fire and made friends! Can-aqua is an amazing place with a strong sense of family and it’s own special magic. Every year I come back it is an absolute blast and 2018 will be no different!

Tina Hu

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

Hey! I’m Tina and I’m really excited to meet you! At camp, I’m going to be running a fencing program, which I’m uber excited about. Outside of fencing, I’m a big fan of podcasts, film photography, music, and my dog. Can’t wait for an amazing summer!

Ben “Badams” Adams

3 Years At Can-Aqua

I’ve spent 2 years at camp already but my family history at camp started in 87. I love skiing, kayaking and instructing basically anything. Camp-wide games are also a favourite of mine. I like music, sports and I’m from Australia. Go Tritus!

Amanda Garcia Fructuoso

3rd Year At Can-Aqua

During my past summers at camp I have learned so many things about myself. I have discovered strengths, weaknesses and lived experiences that have made me a better person. Camp has helped me value so many things in my daily life I never could have thought. I’m so excited to return this summer!

Thomas “Gizmo” Moore

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

I’m a board game loving, Dungeons and Dragons playing Australian who has been spending heaps of time in the great outdoors through my 12 years of Scouts. Last summer was the time of my life and I can’t wait to get back there again. Let the games begin!

Rachel Chen

8 Years At Can-Aqua

I’m beyond exciting to be returning to Can-Aqua! Over the years I’ve really gotten into kayaking and snorkelling, and you can definitely catch me at the waterfront enjoying all that beaver lake has to offer! Camp has and will always be an amazing place to try new things, and I can’t wait to help make this summer an unforgettable one!!!

Olivia Wood

11 Years At Can-Aqua

Camp is probably my favorite place on earth. I love the cabins, the lake, the whole camp in general! But my favorite thing about camp would definitely be the people. Camp Can-Aqua has such an amazing camp community. I love seeing new campers make friends within the first 10 minutes of their arrival. Not to mention, the food is pretty great too.  See you guys soon!

Erin Clark

10 Years At Can-Aqua

I am beyond excited to be spending another year at Can-Aqua, and even more excited to meet you all! You’ll most likely find me chilling at Gletch or A+C because creativity never goes out of style. Camp is like a second home to me and I hope it can be yours too!

Nayeli Oscura

2nd Year At Can-Aqua

I’m really excited for new adventures in 2019. I want to do my best and learn new things. Last year was an incredible experience and I’ve been waiting all year to do it all over again. I can’t wait to meet new people to make more incredible memories.